Parking Lot Maintenance

Has your business created high vehicle volume which has led to wear and tear on your parking lot? Are you seeing cracks and broken surfaces? Then, it’s time to maintain your asphalt to avoid the extra costs of removal and replacement. Parking lot maintenance is critical to keeping your business traffic flowing smoothly. 

For a small fraction of the cost of full reconstruction, Hanrahan Asphalt Paving Company can resurface your asphalt. Let us provide expert guidance regarding the most cost effective ways to preserve your asphalt. 

Here are some recommendations:

  • Patching – Preparation and use of correct materials allow for a lasting asphalt patch. 
  • Asphalt curbs – As a crucial part of any parking lot project, the curb marks the edge to keep vehicles from running off into landscaping and to keep the vehicle weight from buckling the asphalt, causing damage.
  • Speed bumps – As a durable and effective speed control within a roadway or parking lot, 
  • Seal coat –  A liquid formulation useful to prolong the asphalt and seal it from harmful oils and weather.
  • Crack Fill –  The most cost effective means to prevent further damage to asphalt paving is to immediately fill any noticeable cracks. This keeps water, oil and debris out of the crack which can lead to potholes.

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